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The Building Maintenance and Construction Section is dedicated to providing a quality environment for teaching and research at Texas Tech University. We are responsible for the maintenance and repair of education and general building structural, mechanical, utility and electrical infrastructure. We do provide service to non-education and general functions on a reimbursable basis. Our services are tailored to meet the changing needs of our students, faculty and staff who occupy a wide variety of facility types, ranging from administrative offices, classrooms, laboratories, hallways and restrooms.

The section is divided into specialized shops with a staff of approximately 150 skilled crafts persons, and broken up into 13 shops, including carpentry, cabinet, sign, electric, plumbing, structural maintenance and repair, steam, environmental systems maintenance, electronic controls, paint, lock, estimating and work control.

We take our jobs seriously and make every effort to provide the best services possible to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers. Under our present approach to providing services, we are working hard to ensure full accountability for quality, cost-effectiveness, and response to customers.

If you would like further information about us, you can reach us at 742-3303 or e-mail Lonnie Evans.

Our services include:
- Routine repairs and preventive maintenance.
- Painting, carpentry, minor construction and renovation, roofing, machine/welding, signage and masonry projects.
- Key shop and locksmith services.
- Operate and maintain utility systems and infrastructure for campus.

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BM&C Contact List

Lonnie Evans, Director for Building Maintenance and Construction
Phone: 742-3303
Lonnie Evans

Alex Weaver, Unit Associate Director, BMC Operations
Phone: 742-2819

Denise Strawn, Administrative Secretary
Phone: 742-1405
Denise Strawn

Evelyn Armstrong, Work Control Superintendent
Phone: 742-2874
Evelyn Armstrong

Rich Cartwright, Mechanical Superintendent
Phone: 742-1411
Rich Cartwright

Tyree Woodard, Structural Superintendent
Phone: 742-1406
Tyree Woodard

Bobby Flores, HVAC Superintendent
Phone: 742-4758
Bobby Flores