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Capital Improvement Program


The Capital Improvement Program for Texas Tech University is a method for university colleges, departments and areas to identify and submit their facility construction and renovation needs for approval and funding consideration. The procedures for using the program are found in TTU OP 61.36.

Once per year, the Physical Plant sends out requests to pre-identified departments / college areas and Vice Presidents (Distribution List) to update their respective project lists for the next fiscal year's funding cycle.

After the projects are submitted and prioritized by the requesting organization, the projects are maintained by categories based on the estimated cost of the project. The category project listings are:
  1. Minor construction or renovation ($0-50,000);
  2. Intermediate construction or renovation (>$50,000-$300,000);
  3. Major construction or renovation (>$300,000)

Major construction and renovation projects are considered for inclusion in the university Five-Year Capital Projects Plan administered by the office of Facilities Planning and Construction. After funding is identified, the projects are submitted to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for approval via the Campus Master Plan.

Minor and Intermediate projects are submitted to the Facility Allocation Council (FAC) on an annual basis for approval and funding.

For information or questions concerning the Capital Improvement Program, please contact:


Brenda Bullard

Physical Plant