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Physical Plant Services

Carey Hewett, Director for Physical Plant Services, 742-9777
Sally Acuna, Administrative Business Assistant, 742-9777
Ninfa Flores, Foreman, 742-9777
Janice Attebury, Senior Business Assistant, Vehicle Rental, 742-3810
Marty Hobgood, Tradesman Leader, Garage, 742-3332

The Physical Plant Services Section ensures daily custodial services are available to educational and general (E&G) buildings, provides contract custodial services to auxiliary facilities as required, maintain the University's vehicle fleet, operates a vehicle rental fleet, and provides trash retrieval and disposal throughout campus.

Custodial Services provides daily cleaning to E&G buildings from 6pm to 2 am, Monday through Friday.
A list of services and frequencies is available to building work coordinators.
Call 742-9777 for a copy of "cleaning Specifications and Frequencies."

Vehicle Rental provides daily rental services to all departments. Call 742-3810 for reservations or further information. Vehicle

Debris hauling is available when the volume or nature of the trash cannot be placed in a container, Contact Physical Plant Services (742-9777) to schedule placement of a trash trailer. Physical Plant Sercives will pick up the trailer when it is full and dispose of the trash at the landfill. There is no charge for this service to education and general departments. A trailer use fee and the current tipping fee will be charged to auxiliary departments. Please reference Texas Tech University Operating Procedure 63.06 for further information on Solid Waste Disposal by University Personnel and On-campus Trash Pickup.

Transportation Services vehicle maintenance garage is a complete automotive center offering service and repair on a reimbursable basis. Call 742-3332 for scheduling information. Normal operating hours are 7:45 am to 11:45 am and 12:45 pm to 4:45 pm. Report after hour emergencies to 742-3328.

Physical Plant Services Organizational Chart