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Utilities Org Chart
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Physical Plant Utilities provides manufactured utilities to the campus and Health Science Center in the form of steam, chilled water, compressed air, and treated water. CHACP #1 serves the main campus and CHACP #2 serves the Health Science Center and University Medical Center. This section also includes Emergency Maintenance, which deals with after hours maintenance support and continuous environmental control.

Dale Townsley, Director for Utilities
Phone: 806-834-5638
E-mail: Dale Townsley

Carolyn Wooten, Administrative Business Assistant
Phone: 806-834-2089
E-mail: Carolyn Wooten

Gary Moore, Utilities Superintendent for Operations
Phone: 806-834-1532
E-mail: Gary Moore

Wayne Lucas, Utilities Superintendent for Maintenance
Phone: 806-834-0674
E-mail: Wayne Lucas

Dale Bennett, Utilities Manager
Phone: 806-834-5648
E-mail: Dale Bennett

Ricky Sawyer, Utilities Chemistry Manager
Phone: 806-834-3534
E-mail: Ricky Sawyer

Jennifer Dugger, Emergency Maintenance Supervisor
Phone: 806-834-0080
E-mail: Jennifer Dugger

Prospective Employees
The section of Utilities welcomes your application to inquire about the possibility of working in one of our operator positions.

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